Monday, July 29, 2019

Leadership, Communications, and Teams Assignment - 1

Leadership, Communications, and Teams - Assignment Example As part of the internal communication methods, Wells Fargo enhances the relationship and understanding between supervisors and the employees through various practices such as encouraging the performance of the staffing roles by the managers too (Wells Fargo, 2014). This way, the managers have to consider their responsibilities and role in the employee development as the basis of leading and understanding them. However, culture and language are all essential factors of literacy; in fact, failure to establish them on varying levels dearly affects literacy. Wells Fargo has a unique approach towards teamwork and organizational culture through their extensively efficient functional structure. Even though this structure advocates for separation relative to roles and capabilities, the company has substantial linkages that facilitate vast communication between the employees. The idea of employees from sales working together with colleagues from sales acts as a culture, which simultaneously enhances communication and teamwork (Wells Fargo, 2014). Under the model of team effectiveness described by Daft, this approach is rational as the organization’s focus on function goals facilitates high performance and efficient management. Additionally, the management at Wells Fargo has geared up to recognize the importance of ethical conduct in its regular business practices and has initiated policies to assure that the organization conducts and manages its business in an ethical manner. The main challenge at Wells Fargo is the lack of specification and organization in the application of communication methods. Nonetheless, the company’s communication plan should exploit the written communications method more entailing the distribution of printed pamphlets, monthly symposiums, aboveboard brochures, reports, discourses and online content; moreover, there will be a calendar developed to mark the different events and steps

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