Thursday, July 25, 2019

Corrections Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Corrections - Research Paper Example 17 states are in the spotlight where the population of prisoners is higher than the capacity of the prison cells to hold them, which not only causes problems for the prison policies but also shows that the facilities designed for the captives are lacking. It was observed that at the end of 2013, Illinois alone housed 48,653 prisoners while, the prisons are modeled only to hold 32,075 prisoners. This meant that the prison system is operating at 151 percent of its actual capacity. North Dakota accordingly has been housing 150 percent of its prison capacity capacity(Wilson). Prisons in all the states in America are facing the issue of overcrowding and inmates tend to take advantage of it. If prison budgets are not increased, then there will be no facilities for inmates to get back on track which means the cycle of crime is to continue without an out. As the prisoner influx increases, the number of prison guards is seen to be decreasing. In 2005, the government reduced the number of guards which means that the imbalance of ratio not only proves hazardous to life inside the prison but might impact the life outside the prison walls as well (McLaughlin). There are many ways by which the problem of overcrowding can be overcome which includes updating laws and reviewing the prison state conditions. Tackling prison overcrowding is an important issue that needs to be dealt with. If the budget of the prisons is not increased to sustain prisoner influx, then it is deemed that it might promote the states to have an early release option for prisoners. California is one such example where the overcrowding situation led the Supreme Court to order to reduce the population of its prisoners by 30,000 on the base facts that it was against the constitution (McLaughlin). In conclusion, serious efforts need to be made to reduce the inmate population and control the influx while sustaining a population that is not

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