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Comparative Analysis of the Movie Essay Example for Free

Comparative Analysis of the Movie Essay The movies have good story lines and scripts. Since both the movies were music and dance based, the music of the movies has been very good. Fish Tank Nowhere Boy Year of Release 2009 2010 Genre and Theme Drama Drama Storyline brief/ Narrative Based on the life of the girl who likes to go for the street dancing. Based on the life of the boy who was living with aunt and wanted to be a guitarist. Characters Leading character of the movie is the 21st century girl but she lives alone and just practices her street dance. Leading character of the movie is the boy of 21st century too but wanted to learn playing guitar and want to forget everything of his past. Locations (Shown and Shot) Mardyke Estate in Havering Liverpool and at Ealing Studios in West London Costume: Dressing Designer Culture represented Usually in the denim and T-shirt, boxers, track suits, hip-hop or street dance costumes. Jane Petrie Present culture Sophisticated dressing as per the role requirement of a guitarist and usually in proper uniform like school uniform or formal school uniform. Juliar Day Present culture. Settings of the movie This was the art movie and based on dance. The girl lived with mother and sister. This movie was also the art movie but based on instrument playing. Single family of Aunt and John was the main setting. Attitude of leading characters towards the world In this movie, Mia lives isolated from the world and she only do practice of her street dancing in her house. John live with his aunt and enjoy the social culture like going out on trips, parties etc with friends. Mode of enjoyment of the leading characters Mia only likes to dance so she enjoys that. Johnson likes to play guitar and he only like to do that. Similarity The movie was based on an art form, teenager or youth oriented. The characters wanted to learn particular dance form. She saw a street dancer which become source of inspiration This movie was also based on art teenager or youth oriented. The character wanted to learn particular music. He attended a show which became his source of inspiration for learning and playing Guitar. Difference The movie is female oriented, where the comparatively new dance form of Street dancing has been focused. In this movie, the leading character wanted to learn guitar and enjoyed playing Guitar the most and was excellent with that. His passion for Guitar has made him practice as much as he could perform much beyond his age like professionals. Conclusion In both the movies, the main aspect was to show the life of the teenage girl and a boy that how the society deals with. In Fish Tank, Mia was the girl who got admired by the street dancers who were performing and in Nowhere Boy also, John got admired from the guitarist who can be able to play much better than the band. And in both the movies, director had shown clearly that the future is influenced by the past. So Mia got tensed in the movie Fish Tank as she heard that Connor had left them and in Nowhere Boy, John was also got irritated due to his past. These movies was generally built for the young generation people as they already have pressure of studies and their hobbies and what they want to be in their life. Society also provide pressure to them which result in making pressure in the mind of the child and due to this many children left studying and they got distracted from their hobbies too. Reference British Film Industry available at http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/in_depth/entertainment/2003/british_film_industry/default. stm Curran and Porter, 1993 British Cinema History, London: Weidenfeld Nicholson 9-23 Murphy, R. ed. , 2009 The British Cinema Book, London: BFI, 1-64, 65-142 Fish Tank official website http://www. michaelfassbender. org/episodesfte. html http://www. hollywoodreporter. com/hr/film-reviews/fish-tank-film-review-1003973214. story Image Fish Tank from http://www. movieroar. com/images/fish-tankpster1. jpg Nowhere Boy Movie Review http://www. futuremovies. co. uk/review. asp? ID=1110 No Where Boy movie details available at http://www. nowhereboy. co. uk/ http://www. hollywoodreporter. com/hr/film-reviews/nowhere-boy-film-review-1004031851. story.

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