Saturday, July 27, 2019

Karama's Pizza & Samosa(resutrent) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Karama's Pizza & Samosa(resutrent) - Assignment Example This essay will analyze the challenges facing business by using an example of Karam’s Pizza and Samoa restaurant. Karama’s Pizza and Samoa restaurant has been in operation for 3 years. The Pizza and Samosa restaurant are still running smoothly. This is because the menu is unusual. The management has introduced an Indian and Italian meal and the food is of high quality. For one to run a restaurant, creativity is inevitable (89). Karam shows his uniqueness by introducing an Indian and Italian meal in his men. Seemingly, the restaurants on northern and northeastern side of Karam’s restaurant do not make the Italian and Indian food because most customers flow from those areas. If an area does not offer a particular service, people move long distances to get the certain product. Contrary, Karam has some weaknesses in running of his business. After doing the research, he does not find out why people from the other directions do not come to his restaurant. Secondly, after learning that most of the customers were those who had free access to his delivery, Karam did not take any action to access more customers. Again, he only deals with cash and credit card consumers. Karam he has a lower percentage of credit sales in his business. These challenges can lead to break down of his business (121). He does not seem to make efforts to overcome the challenges. The best way in business to solve problems is to identify the problem and then attempt means to meet them. After carrying out his research, Karam would look for means to draw many customers from other areas. After discussing the issue with his wife and friends, Karim should apply these ideas to improve his business. It is advisable for one to take responsibility in business and immediate action in order to run the business successfully (215). Again, after his business exhibits success for three years, karam has to try other sources of income to improve it. These events would be a success in his

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