Monday, July 22, 2019

Kite Runner Essay Example for Free

Kite Runner Essay Bitter truths, soothing lies and carefully kept secrets are found throughout Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner, as many of the characters face one or the other at some point. Through their actions, Hosseini attempts to show the reader that despite the initial comfort a lie can bring, the harsh truth is often less soul destroying. This point is evident with Baba’s secret, which forces him to deceive his sons and brings awful consequences. Hassan’s noble show of loyalty to Amir in falsely admitting to the act of thievery is done with best intentions, yet no doubt the truth would have given Amir more freedom and joy in time. It is also emphasized that revealing the truth outweighs the lies as Soraya admits her shady past to Amir, and that he too can be honest with himself and admit the truth about his cowardice. Paragraph 1: By keeping a shameful secret from society, Baba does more harm than good to his beloved. Though he wishes only to preserve his dignity and honour, Baba’s choice to deceive the world means inflicting lasting consequences on his sons. From Amir, he steals his right to know he had a brother and instead Amir grows jealous and envious whenever Baba shows affection towards Hassan, and says â€Å"I wish he’d let me be the favourite†. He mocks and taunts his friend in his jealously and sees him as the â€Å"lamb he’d have to slay† to win Baba’s affection. Had he have known that Hassan was not â€Å"just a Hazara† no doubt he would have treated him with the trust and respect he deserved. Hassan meanwhile, had his identity stolen by Baba, as well as being denied Baba’s love, affection and security. Worse though, Ali was robbed of his honour from his best friend. When told the truth, Amir comes to the same conclusion initially responding in anger by yelling â€Å"my whole life is one big ****ing lie! And storming out. He wishes that Rahim Khan had let him live on in oblivion as he realises that both himself and Baba betrayed their best friends. Yet, as the sting of the truth dies down, he is filled with determination to set things right and atone for his and Baba’s sins. By keeping his secret from society Baba keeps his honour, but instead destroys the wonderful relationship he could have had with his sons. Despite the bitter truth, it has a beneficial impact on Amir as he faces his past and is fuelled by the determination to set things right. Paragraph 2: Conclusion: The Kite Runner is a novel overflowing with the mass of secrets, lies and truths. Yet, Hosseini attempts to show that a harsh truth may initially feel like a slap to the face but when the sting dies down, the person benefits, as seen with both Baba and Hassan’s life and their effect on Amir. Honesty strengthens relationships, while dishonesty destroys them, as is evident through Soraya and Amir. While a lie can be an easy way out and it can provide temporary comfort, the bitter truth does a world of good, despite the cost it may initially bring.

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