Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Warren court Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Warren court - Essay Example Reapportionment refers to the powers of the political establishment i.e. the legislative branch of the government to the voting districts being redrawn according to the census every ten years. The court, after a protracted process of decision making arrived at a conclusion after about one year after it was argued. It is believed that the court was led by Justice Brennan into holding that the issue was justiciable i.e. it can be put up for judicial review. The study will focus on the judgments during Warren court. It will examine the balance of powers between the judicial and legislative branches of government, and broadly deal with the powers of the judiciary of review of political actions. The study will take into account the judgments of the Warren court in general and explore how the judgments shaped the change from the Supreme Court's political question doctrine, which is understood to mean that a federal Court may refuse to rule in a case where either of the grounds; that the Constitution has provided for another branch of the federal government to decide the subject matter, that there are inadequate standards for the court to apply or that the Court feels it is prudent not to interfere. The Warren Court decisively overrode these guidelines, and dealt with cases in which most decisions that have shaped the U. S.

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