Sunday, August 11, 2019

Implementing and Evaluating Public Policy Simulation Summary_303 Essay

Implementing and Evaluating Public Policy Simulation Summary_303 - Essay Example Lobbyists have been known and branded for their influence on how policies are developed and which ones are actually seen by the light of day. Influence peddlers are rampant in the halls of Congress. Lobbying has turned into a profession and has since been regulated. â€Å"A professional lobbyist – one who has mastered the techniques of lobbying†¦Ã¢â‚¬â€œ is a valuable ally to any interest group seeking to influence government† (Sidlow and Henschen, 2009, p.141). They represent the loud minority view and quite often are fuelled by large corporations with deep pockets. In the given case involving Governor Nunez and outsourcing, one member of his team is Sylvia Baldwin, a corporate lobbyist for Levine & Associates closely associated to Information Technology. Another is Dr. Ramona Gaitanis who is an advocate of free trade and global competitiveness, which is the very essence of outsourcing. Seemingly, the only neutral member of the team is William Morrison who is an e xpert in policy initiatives but his stance on the issue was not made clear. Upon looking at the qualifications of the team members, it is apparent that they are one-dimensional which makes it understandable why the Governor voted for outsourcing. Without powerful interest groups, lobbyists are bound to get their way with impunity disregarding other stakeholders. To reiterate, there is no black without white and that both must co-exist for the general good. There is a great possibility that continued fine-tuning in policy implementation renders the implementer to overlook the core problem he is trying to solve. By trying to translate the spirit of the policy through its implementation, or at least make it workable, the implementer somewhat develops tunnel vision and forgets the main purpose of the policy. Program implementation is different from development and this

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