Sunday, August 18, 2019

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A Better Understanding of Major Characters (1) In many plays, the minor characters['] only purpose is to establish a main aspect of a major character. A "foil" is a minor character in literary work who by the similarities and differences in what he or she does (as compared to a more important character). [Frag - 1] It is to help the audience and reader get a better understanding of the more important character. In the play Hamlet , [sic] foils are used to establish a major point that would be hidden if they were not used. There are many foils[,] but Hamlet/Laertes and Hamlet/King Hamlet will be the only ones explored in this essay. [Very weak thesis -- What point is this essay going to try to make about them?] (2) King Hamlet and Hamlet, father and son, not only share the same last name, but also have many other similar characteristics. Both men share the belief that King Hamlet was hurt so terribly by Cladius that it ruined and ended his life in the living world. [This suggests that he had a life in some other world. As I think about it, I guess he did -- in the world of ghosts. But then, do ghosts have a "life?" As I think about these things, my eyes have kept reading, and now I am lost. Had the writer gone on to explain, I couldn't complain, but the writer dropped the topic.] The cause of both of their deaths was due to poisoning, by this horrid man. These two loving men are very well liked by everyone around them. The similarities of the King and his heir to the throne puts [SV Agr - 1] into perspective the fact that Cladius is a horrible man who both of them were terribly wronged by. ["Perspective" needs more explanation -- what perspective? Or do you simply mean "emphasizes "?] (3) Not only do these two have very similar characteristics, but they are very different in many ways to. [H 50] King Hamlet was a very serious man who always went through with deeds that needed to be done. [Examples?] On the other hand[,] Hamlet is a very indecisive man. This is proved by the fact that he was very hesitant to fallow [sic; H 50] through with his father's request to avenge his death.

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