Saturday, August 24, 2019

Chinese Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chinese Popular Culture - Essay Example This has lead to the turn of events among the citizens of the country whereby the workers have been laid off from their duties in various state owned companies. The presence of unemployment in the People’s Republic of China has led brought about the growth of personal challenges for unemployed workers and human resource policy challenges for the government. The unemployed population must find a way to cope up with the sudden change of their livelihood by searching for a similar means of making a living. In this paper, will focus on how college graduates deal with unemployment and how crime and corruption, along with social stability and mobility play a role in the PRC today. Furthermore, a detailed explanation of how unemployment creates serious problems with access to housing, education, and basic social services in the People’s Republic of China (Latham, 1-35). The employment situation in China for new college and university graduates seems to be unusual compared to t he present working group. The presence of the graduate unemployment crisis in China portrays the possibility of the wasteful investment of scarce resources. This is due to the factor that plenty of capital has been invested in educating unemployed graduates, which could or else have been invested in job-creating productive programs in the country. The presence of a large population of unemployed graduates makes the job market be very competitive. Furthermore, the graduates are also to be blamed in this issue because they always have negative expectations under the pressure of seeking jobs. According, to surveys done by various research houses in the People’s Republic of China most of the graduating students prefer to get an employment contract first, then they would later reflect on pursuing a new job position which is what they really desire to be employed for an average of two years. This assumption by the graduating students makes it possible for the emergency of the under employment and high turnover in the job market. In addition to this, the students will have lower levels of job satisfaction, job involvement, work commitment, and internal work motivation. Therefore, these issues will also bring the issue to the employers at the long run (Sato, 40-45). The People’s Republic of China seems to be experiencing the extreme increase of college graduates has outpaced the structural transition and rashly shifted the labor supply from semi-skilled manufacturing workers to more knowledge- intensive service professionals. This makes it the main reason for experts in the field and various scholars to emphasize that China requires extensive vocational training and industry engineering skills, which will help the country in solving its need for having manufacturing workers. Recently, a debate has emerged that economists say that the current situation of unemployment in China seems to portray that the country is running out of surplus labor. The presence of the unemployment population among the youth is a very complex social problem whereby it must be solved urgently. In the People’s Republic of China, the youthful population is termed to be highly educated because most of the youth are graduates. According to the nature of the economic status of the People’s Republic of China, the graduates are unwilling to choice factory work whereby they opt to compete for office-based positions. It is evident that graduates are four

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