Thursday, November 21, 2019

People, Power and Politics in Canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

People, Power and Politics in Canada - Essay Example What this entire level of government involvement is intended for is to provide a level of oversight and funding with regards to how the culture of Canada is growing as well as ensure that certain key cultural functions remain funded and well developed; thereby helping to create a more extensive and well nuanced culture within the country itself. It is therefore the opinion of this particular author that the utilization of public funds to encourage such results is not only permissible but highly advantageous for the growth and development of the nation. When one considers the key factors that help to differentiate a nation and give it a degree of culture that it would otherwise have, these are ultimately factors that help the nation and/or people groups represented therein to develop themselves in an even more effective way than they normally would. One need look no further than the other nations of the developed world to note that similar programs utilizing public funds to effect such an end have been highly successful and have helped to develop art and culture that otherwise may have passed into oblivion had it not been for the injection of government funds and interests into such arenas. Although one may consider the term â€Å"responsible government† to merely be some type of over-arching premise by which the government should behave in a responsible manner towards the people it ultimately represents, the fact of the matter is that the term itself is far more nuanced than this. In essence, the term â€Å"responsible government† represents a type of governmental system in which the government is responsible to the people and the executive ultimately responsible both to the people and the House of Assembly. Although this type of rational has long existed in other representative governments throughout the world, what exists in Canada represents a type of implementation of the â€Å"vote of

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