Friday, November 1, 2019

Discuss whether or not plea bargaining should be abolished Essay

Discuss whether or not plea bargaining should be abolished - Essay Example However, this fact can not be ignored that plea bargaining is an essential component of the justice system because it allows the trial convictions, to be more thoroughly considered when the judges are not under the pressure of too many cases. Plea bargaining reduces the number of cases that would otherwise go for trial conviction to less than half, thus improving the efficiency of the trial conviction cases. Without the facility of plea bargaining, the whole justice system is likely to collapse under the immense and unbearable work load. If the option of plea bargaining is eliminated, this would overcrowd the courts and the attention will have to be focused also on futile and pointless cases along with potentially strong and complicated cases that genuinely require trial convictions. Every day, thousands of cases of petty crimes are taken to the court, and if each and every case was given the highest consideration, the idea of a functional justice system would become unapproachable. Therefore, it is important to have a system in place that would cater for crimes of petty nature, and plea bargaining sufficiently serves this purpose. Plea bargaining allow the defendants to enter into reasonable agreements in a very short period in comparison to the lengthy trials that are conventionally conducted in cases of severe crime cases.

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