Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hitler's table talk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hitler's table talk - Essay Example He categorically states that our body follows the cycle of nature. He advises humans to conform to the laws of nature and take inspiration from it and that is the way one can triumph over religion. He asserts that in nature a will of stronger prevails and it is perfectly a natures way of doing the things (38). He vehemently put his views on social class stating that "as long as social classes existed, it was impossible to set free the forces of the nation" (108). He never believed in rejecting anyone from the national community (108). He was clear in his thinking that class prejudices had no place in a socially advanced state like Germany (255). Hitler believed in shaping the Germany in such a fashion that whosoever happened to visit Germany would be relieved off his or her prejudices against Germany (22). Hitler made a special mention about Germany describing its uniqueness in a sense that it was the only country having no unemployment issue (42). He also argued about the Germany having several towns in its fold of a high cultural level and because of that Germany did not suffer either from any inferiority complex or from any superiority feelings (47). His views on Church and Christianity described his philosophy to govern people as well. He did not believe in making a pact with the Church for it could not offer long lasting benefits. The scientific advancement sooner or later, in all likely hoods, would expose the harmful effects that such compromise might bring. For this reason he kept party matters separate from the religious beliefs – that is how one could keep confrontation between Catholic and Protestant groups. He further stated that it was better to be clever in this matter rather than invite the trouble in the long run. He accepted the fact that the human beings were afraid of so many unknown things of nature for which no explanation is available. Science would resolve enquiries of metaphysical nature

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