Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Islamic finance and banking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Islamic finance and banking - Essay Example It has been found that these products are very good and attractive to the customers. However, the company can further improve the products and advertise about the products in order to increase the awareness about the products and increase the no. of customers. Qatar International bank or QIB as it might be called was established in the year 1982 as the first Islamic bank to be opened in Qatar. Over the span of year the bank has emerged as the leading provider of financial services in the region. The bank is the pioneer in the field of Islamic banking in local and regional markets in Qatar. The bank plays a leading role in developing competitive and innovative products and services that are Shari’a Compliant. The bank is the first and largest Islamic bank in Qatar. The bank has strong capital adequacy ratio and a paid up capital of QR 2.36 billion. The bank is constantly rated as A or A+ by different international credit rating organizations. The bank has good presence in both the whole sale and the retrial markets to satisfy the needs of the customers. The bank has strong presence in the Qatar market and has established foot prints across the globe. The bank has international presence in countries such as United Kingdom, Malaysia, Sudan and Lebanon. There are several subsidiaries of the banks which act according to the principles of Shar’ia. QIB accepts that people are its biggest assets. The aim of the QIB is to be a bank of the people and for the people. The bank aims and commits to enhance the level of customer service and thus aims to become a completely customer centric bank by adopting the latest technologies. The vision of the company is to form a leading innovative global Islamic bank that adheres to the highest principles of Shari’a and ethics. The company aims to meet the international banking standards, to partner with the developing of the global economy and participate in

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