Saturday, September 7, 2019

Events in Childhood and How They Have Changed Essay - 4

Events in Childhood and How They Have Changed - Essay Example My friends and I would have fun that day were bouncing castle and swimming covered the better part of the day, among other games, there were other activities such as musical chair and face painting. When I got hungry with my friends my parents could organize food and snacks for all of us to eat to our maximum while we were singing and laughing. I would later receive presents of different kids from relatives and friends. My Viewpoint here is that my parents did all this to show me some love in these events that only occurred once in a year and made it memorable, the events that I experienced as a child made me appreciate the role my parents played in my upbringing (Bruce 290). There are some events that have never changed only for my perception to change, since childhood. I can remember when I was still a child; every Sunday my parents and I would always attend the church services on all Sundays. This experience has never changed even when I have grown up since up to now I still go to church. I view this as an important place of the event that I was exposed into since I was a kid, as my parents wanted me to grow as a religious person. This event of going to church is common to many and it has been there for centuries and it will continue in all levels of life.From the above events that I experienced above I will deduce that did for me because there was a change when I was a child and now when I am an adult, this is because the birthday celebrations that my parents use to hold for me where I could experience fun with my family and friends are no longer there since they regard me as an adult them considering that I was a child at then.

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