Monday, September 9, 2019

Child abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Child abuse - Essay Example Taking a moment to know and understand some of these causes will help us to find ways of preventing child abuse. Some children have been found that they were abused by parents who had unexpected pregnancies and therefore resulted to unwanted children who end up being neglected and develop a very poor relationship with their biological mother or both parents. The parents who also physically beat their spouses are known to extend the same frustrations on their children. People who take drugs like alcoholic drinks and cigarettes or cocaine also have a tendency in abusing children. Other factors are unemployment and financial difficulties which are associated with increased rates of child abuse (Check, 1989). In a 2009 CBS News report, it was realized that child abuse in the US had become greater during the economic depression. An example was given of a father who was not a sole breadwinner . But when the father was in that role, the situation changed. In this discussion, I will talk about two factors, these two factors are; Alcoholic parents and Parents experience of violence. The problem is drinker parents and parent’s history of abusing by their family members are the most important reasons that lead parents to abuse their children. It is very important to prevent violence toward children. How do we prevent this issue? We have to stop and limit this concern by knowing the exact problem in terms of the effects it has on the children and then by addressing the solution. According to the studies from World Bank and World Health organization, â€Å"alcohol-related death and its impact is bad. The dangerous effects of alcohol use on health and the likelihood of becoming an addict have been recognized as dangerous issues of great concern for a long time ( Parents who drink alcohol or any other substances that cause them to get drunk will often abuse their children if the level of their drinking is too much. Drinking

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