Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What accounts for current dilemmas concerning humanitarian Essay

What accounts for current dilemmas concerning humanitarian intervention - Essay Example The notion of â€Å"intervention† is to defend the rights of any foreign subject of any oppressive ruler. This idea was developed by Hugo Grotius in the 17th century but â€Å"humanitarian intervention† was first used in 19th century for the purpose of justification of intervention done by the European powers, in order to protect the people that were under the oppression of Ottoman power. The first instance of humanitarian intervention took place in Greece in 1827 which then lead to an independent Greece in the year 1830. The idea of human intervention then clashed with that of the growing assumption that all the states must have equal right in the protection of their sovereignty and for interfering in the affairs of some other state was considered to be wrong (Wheeler, 2000). The modern idea of human intervention gained much popularity in the middle of the 18th century when it was revised by Wolff and Vattel. The idea was widely accepted in the 20th century after communism spread and many colonies were formed. In the views of the new independent states and the communist countries, the doctrine of intervention was considered to be one solid shield against what they considered to be endemic and constant intervention. There were three kinds of movements that were associated with humanitarian intervention and the first one developed among the victims which supported intervention. For example the development of the anti-war movement in Bosnia before the out breaking of the war called for an international protectorate. In a state where the government plays and important role, the actors of the civil societies try not to show any movement with exception to the case of Yugoslavia. However a second kind of movement was seen in Europe in the Bosnian war (Anon., 20 00). There is no legal or standard definition present of Humanitarian

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