Tuesday, October 8, 2019

MKTG 4050 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

MKTG 4050 - Essay Example The Strength and weakness are within the organization. And the opportunity and threat are from the respective markets. Strength: the main strength is the brand name McDonald’s. However, the brand name is been maintained by the highly skilled professionals within the organization and the new product, that is the Healthy meal is having a great strength within the name itself. Most of the people buy the brand instead of buying the product. And if the McDonald’s can sustain the internal strength then the new product will be a successful approach. Weakness: The weakness is one of the factors which pull a product down from the top to the bottom. One of the main weaknesses is the fixed menu of the new product. It is true that the new menu for the Healthy meal is suitable for the kids and the elders as far as the health issues are concern. But, there are many competitors are there who are having optional items in the meal menu. Opportunity: Obesity has become one of the major issues for the fast food industries. Sixty three percent say that obesity has become one of the major issues globally (Levi 49). The fast food is among the main reasons for the alarming rate of obesity due to the calorie contains in the fast foods. The Healthy Meal has mashed potatoes instead of fried and baked food instead od deep fried and that is the main opportunity within the industry. Threat: the threat is the competition. There are many competitors are there who provided healthy food and they are Subway, Taco Bell, and Berger King. The Taco Bell has a menu option for the healthy meal and that is very much threatening for the new product of the McDonald’s. However, McDonald’s healthy meal for kids has all the foods which are healthy. The opportunity and the strength are very much closely related. In this health conscious market the healthy meal is the primary opportunity for McDonald’s and at the same time the well trained staffs can make it big. The

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